Rocking Your Couples Photoshoot Date with Creative Pose

Couple Photoshoot Date – How To Create The Perfect Experience

The Date Idea – A Photoshoot Date

While there’s always a time for going out for dinner and catching a movie after, there’s also a time for doing something completely different from all the other dates you’ve planned. And who doesn’t love a date when the entire purpose is to be close and cuddly?! So here’s an idea for a whimsical and romantic free date. Grab your cell phone or camera and a tripod. Don’t forget to grab your partner, too!

If you haven’t figured it out already, you’re going to be rocking a photoshoot for this date. We’ll walk you through every step, so don’t fear! Please do not shy away from trying this date because you don’t think you can be a professional photographer. As usual with our date suggestions, the connection really happens during the EXPERIENCE. The pictures at the end are definitely the added bonus!

Getting Ready for Your Photoshoot Date

Get Ready for your Photoshoot Date
Photo By Dani Corbett

This is where some magic and creativity can really set the tone for your photoshoot date! The best part about this shoot is not having expectations for the outcome. This isn’t intended to be a family photoshoot with everyone looking at the camera. Remember, we’re focusing on the time, experience, and CONNECTION during the shoot. So decide what you want to feel like.

Do you want to go glam and get really dressed up? This could mean paying for professional hair and makeup, getting a manicure, visiting the barber for a clean and fresh look, or doing a little shopping for the perfect outfits. Going more glam will evoke more sophisticated and elegant poses during your shoot. It can be adventurous to get dressed to the nines, especially if it’s not something you usually do. You’ll be able to find elaborate backdrops like a government building with pillars or a downtown highrise for your shoot. You could go really edgy and modern for a high fashion look, too!

Your other option is on the complete opposite end of the photoshoot spectrum. Do you want an at home lifestyle look in Saturday morning comfy clothes and plush blankets instead? That will work, too! These pictures are centered more around being playful, cozy, flirtatious, and vulnerable. You can do these in your own home, and you’re going to really focus on closeness and capturing real moments between the two of you.

Other Preparation Pointers

  1. If you’re on a budget, reach out to family or friends to borrow the perfect outfit.
  2. Add a little more makeup than usual. Makeup doesn’t show up in pictures as much as it does in real life, so a little extra will really “pop.”
  3. If you’re not wearing makeup, put on some chapstick for extra soft lips.
  4. Make sure your devices are fully charged with plenty of space for pictures.
  5. Any time of the day will work for your date, but you’ll get the gorgeous golden light on a good night an hour before sunset! Shoot with the sun behind you for most of the shots, but turn around and catch that last light on your faces right before the sun goes down.

Location Ideas for Your Photoshoot Date

  1. In your home (couch, kitchen, patio, and your bedroom)
  2. Fancy city or state government building
  3. Downtown building with lots of glass and modern looks and angles
  4. At a park with a blanket laid out (don’t go to a park with lots of trees or you’ll just end up looking like you have trees coming out of your heads)
  5. A beach or lake on the sand
  6. An open field
  7. Somewhere that describes the two of you and your hobbies and interests together – a baseball field, the library, your old school, etc.
  8. A location that is sentimental to the two of you such as where you got engaged

Taking Your Own Pictures

While you can definitely get creative by setting your camera on or against something to prop it up, it’s definitely easier to use a tripod. Polaroid cameras could also be really fun to incorporate for this date, too!

Your first task before starting your session is to figure out how to use your timer. A Google search should be able to help you with whatever device you have. Just type in the model of your device and “how to set the camera timer.” If your camera allows multiple shots with a second or two in between, set it for that.

For example: a camera set to 10 frames will allow you about 10 seconds to set the timer and get in the shot. Then 10 different images will be taken with about one second in between each frame.

Once you’ve played with the timer and figured it out a bit, you’re ready to get started! The absolute best part of this date is the physical closeness between the two of you for all of these pictures. The second best part is the laughter from all of the “missed shots” because you’re using a timer. There are bound to be some “good ones” in there! Embrace it – it’s part of the fun!

You’re free to take these pictures in whatever way you both desire. Use your creativity together. Try something out, even if you’re unsure if it will work or not. There’s always a “delete” button on every camera, so nothing is lost if a pose looks off. If you’re running short on ideas, here are a few that are sure to work well!

Turtle Photographer Saying Cheese
Armadillo Saying Cheese at a Photoshoot Date

10 Go-To Couples Poses for Connection and Closeness

Each couples pose has a great reference image to help you get an idea of what the photoshoot entails. Adapt them to yourselves and most importantly, have fun!

  • 1. Arms wrapped around each other – person behind kisses the shoulder of the person in front.
Couple with Arms Wrapped Around Each Other
Photo By Dani Corbett
  • 2. Play “airplane.” Hold each other’s hands out while walking. Photo Tip: To make sure to keep your picture in focus, try walking side to side with your heads turned towards the camera instead of walking towards the camera. Your picture will stay in focus better if you stay in the same horizontal plane. Walk slow, too
Play Airplane with Your Arms
Photo By Dani Corbett
  • 3. Stand belly button to belly button. The taller person puts their hands on their partner’s neck and kisses their forehead. Variations: actually kiss or touch foreheads to each other. Almost kissing shots are great, too! Get your lips super close to each other’s, but don’t touch them. No need to pucker. Natural lips look best! Eyes closed are *usually* better for this shot.
Belly Button to Belly Button
Photo By Dani Corbett
  • 4. Piggy back rides! This will always bring out great and natural smiles. Take it a step further and try to shake your partner off your back. That creates extra genuine smiles!
Piggy Back Rides
Photo By Dani Corbett
  • 5. One person turns and looks over their shoulder towards the camera while the other kisses their partner’s temple or cheek. Make sure to snuggle in extra close on this one!
Look Over the Shoulder with a Kiss
Photo By Dani Corbett
  • 6. Lay down facing each other, touching shoulders. Change this pose up during the timer! Take turns kissing foreheads or cheeks. Run a hand on a cheek. Kiss!
Shoulder to Shoulder Forehead to Forehead
Photo By Dani Corbett
  • 7. Dance!! Give your partner a twirl. A dip is great, too – especially when you bring your partner up and naturally hug each other.
Dance with a Twirl
Photo By Dani Corbett
  • 8. Utilize a fun prop like your motorcycle or car. If you don’t have something, that’s ok! This pose is still great. Sit on the ground and one partner straddle the other. This can be a giggly or saucy pic. You decide! Neck kisses are always great, too!
Motorcycle Prop Date Photography
Photo By Dani Corbett
  • 9. Kiss their neck from behind. The person behind wraps their arms around the other’s shoulders. Then kiss their neck! This works great on a set of stairs with the front person sitting lower.
Kiss Your Partner's Neck from Behind
Photo By Dani Corbett
  • 10. Stand right next to each other and bump hips over and over. It’s ok to go a little overboard on this one! It’s all about creating the sweet smiles.
Hip to Hip
Photo By Dani Corbett

Once you’ve had fun taking pictures together, grab the camera from the tripod and take pictures of one another. The purpose of this is to appreciate the details of your partner. Get as artistic as you want with these!

Must Have Close Ups of Your Partner

  1. Lips
  2. Eyes
  3. Hands touching
  4. Hands on each others cheeks
  5. Collar bones

The Finishing Touches

The final part of this date is to have fun editing or adding filters to your images. Go through your camera roll together and notice what your partner likes! What we don’t want is for this to be a time for you to notice your “flaws.” Look at the picture as a whole. Notice how you feel when you see the pictures of the two of you together. Focus on you as a couple in the images.

Pro Tip: Blur is great! If one of your pictures isn’t in focus, take a second look and see if the blur maybe adds to the feeling in the picture!

Enhance a Photo with Blur
Photo By Dani Corbett

A Keepsake of Your Photoshoot Date

The bonus to this date is to display your images! Design a photo book, frame some prints, hang a canvas or make one of the images the wallpaper on your phone. These would even make great gifts for holidays. Every time you see your pictures, you’ll be reminded of your unique and entertaining date together!

Did you try this date? What did you love? What would you do differently next time? Leave a comment below to let us know!

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