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The Importance of Expressing Your True Feelings and Being There for Each Other in Their Worst

Written by Javeria Shalkh

Finding genuine and pure love is not the easiest thing on this planet. When I was a teen, TV shows and movies made me feel that dating happens naturally. We meet someone in a random place, feel some spark, and then go to a date. Everything just seemed so effortless.

When I was single, I was not in actual search of the true love of my life. However, I made an account on Tinder just for fun. That’s where my fairytale started.

In the beginning, I was so fascinated about the Tinder algorithm and how people can connect. Some days passed, and I found this handsome guy in a stylish jacket and curly hair. I swiped right immediately and found some magical words on my mobile’s screen: “It’s a match.”

We then started talking, and I found that he has an excellent sense of humor. When we met in-person for the very first time, he was shy and nervous. The date went well, but I was not quite ready to declare him my dream guy. But that feeling changed right after 3 hours as he texted me and told me exactly how he felt about the date and how he enjoyed being in my company.

I was hooked after that conversation because I haven’t met any guy who is so forthright about his feelings just after the first date. That’s when I started to fall in love with him.

We have been together for five years, and whenever someone says the word “love”, his face now shows up in front of me. We have seen numerous ups and downs in our relationship, but we’re still together and will always be together because we give each other space. We respect each other’s perspective. When things get pretty ugly, we give time to ourselves to recover and heal.

Everyone wants to be loved, but it’s essential to show love too. The primary key of our healthy and happy relationship is that we regularly “appreciate” each other. Never forget how you used to put efforts to impress your partner when you first started dating. Put in those efforts regularly to have a fulfilling relationship, and that’s how love and romance never fade away!

There was a point in my life when I was fired from my job. For some time, I thought of myself as a low-energy person. But soon I realized that my fatigue and demotivation was a sign of depression. My boyfriend is very supportive, so he suggested a therapist, but I resisted because I thought that my mental illness is not something that needs to be “treated”!

Things started to crumble when we moved in together after this incident. I wanted to sleep all day and had no interest in things that I used to love. One day my boyfriend took me to the park because I hadn’t left home for two weeks. He talked to me for 5 hours straight. He made me realize that depression is not something to be ashamed of. I resisted seeing the therapist, so he went to a therapist, discussed my condition, and started helping me. We did meditation, worked out, and some mental health exercises, and then I began to recover because I knew I was not alone in this battle. The best partner is not someone who supports you when you are already the best version of yourself but the one who holds you when you are at your worst!

Besides that, never let the fun part of your relationship go away. My boyfriend and I have made countless fun memories together, and we do silly things every next day. We turn on the music on super high volumes and one of us dance in the kitchen while the other one makes the meal. We write cheesy and romantic letters to each other in an old fashioned way. We always surprise each other; he gets me some flowers and chocolates and ends up eating all by himself.

One of the best things about my relationship is that we strive to accomplish our relationship goals together. We have accepted our imperfections, and we trust each other’s judgment. We believe that chains never holds the relationship, but the partners have to sew many threads to keep them attached for a whole life. Just remember, stay sincere and true to yourself first. Never hide your light or dark side. Because if you have a genuine partner who knows your worth, they will never go anywhere.

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