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Skip the Tickets and Search out Street Performers

Planning the Date

It’s your turn to plan a date, and you want it to be unique AND spectacular. You know you want to take your partner downtown and experience a bit of the city. You look for a good restaurant, but nothing is catching your eye. You check the local theaters for a concert, play, or event you could possibly go to, but all the tickets are sold out or just simply out of your budget. The art museum is open, but you’ve already been there for a few dates.

How about this. Instead of going downtown with a perfect plan in place, you go downtown with the purpose of exploring and finding your own entertainment?! Cities can be a hotspot of some of the greatest artists, musicians, and entertainers. They’re set up on street corners or in a pedestrian alley or courtyard. They’re performing for simply one reason – because they LOVE to perform for you! How great is that?! You can enjoy an evening out together, walk around your city, explore new places, and be captivated by some of the most passionate entertainers in your area.

Tips to Search Out Street Performers in Your City

Obviously, you don’t want to let down your partner by promising a unique date night and underdelivering when street performers are nowhere to be found! This is definitely a date to think through beforehand, even though part of the fun of the date is the spontaneous aspect! Here’s a list of tips for finding the best street performers in your city.

  1. Go to a popular pedestrian area in your city – outdoor malls are usually a hot spot
  2. Check out the nightlife area – restaurants, bars, and theaters
  3. Search around local tourist attractions or big city buildings
  4. Many performers can be found around large greenspace areas in your city
  5. Check boardwalks and piers if you’re by a beach
  6. Check around sports arenas if there’s an event that night
  7. More performers come out on the weekends
  8. Street performers can be found during the day sometimes, but nighttime is when there are more performers
  9. Warm weather and street performances go hand in hand – this is definitely a date for warmer weather!
  10. Scope out locations the weekend before if possible

The Date

Make sure you plan and provide your partner with the necessary details to set up your date for success. Ensure you have the right clothes to be outside, and bring a jacket if necessary. If you are planning on going and checking out some green space areas, bring a blanket to sit on, too! You could even pack a little picnic if you know you’ll be sitting down for a while.

Looking for Street Performers Downtown

You can choose what to do during your date in addition to enjoying street performers. Maybe you want to stop for dinner first. Maybe you’re going to go to the outdoor mall with the intention of doing shopping and stopping to enjoy the performers in-between stores. Perhaps you’re looking for the performers first, and then planning to end the night with a night-cap at your favorite downtown lounge. You get to choose what sounds best to your partner and you!

Enjoying the Performances

Once again, there is no right or wrong way to do this! Here are a few suggestions for ways to enjoy the street performers you find.

  1. Get in close! Don’t be afraid to be up close for your enjoyment. Performers feed off the energy of the crowd, and so can you!
  2. Dance! We all know we don’t get many opportunities to slow dance with our partner. If the right song comes up, hold each other and move with the music. Who cares who is watching?! It’s all about the intentional moments between the two of you. Plus, other people will probably be dancing too. Or even better, because you start dancing, others join in!
  3. Stay a while! Don’t feel like you can only enjoy a song or two. Even if the performer is taking a break, they will be back! If you’re enjoying it, wait for the return. Think of it more like a whole concert or show instead of just “catching a glimpse.”
  4. Get involved! If the performer needs a volunteer, go on up! Being a part of the performance is sure to add entertainment to your date. And you’re more likely to remember details of the night long-term. Street magicians are great for needing volunteers if you are seeking out audience engagement opportunities.
  5. Show appreciation! We all love to be acknowledged for a job well done. Performers are the same! While performers are out there first and foremost for the enjoyment of performing, a little tip may get you a more personal experience. Maybe they will take a song request. Or maybe you’ll get a piece of art just for you. Either way, leave a tip if you’re enjoying your experience and show that bit of appreciation for their art!

When We Experienced Our Own Private Concert

My boyfriend and I were walking back to our hotel after enjoying dinner on Santa Monica Boulevard. We walked the long way back so we could enjoy the ocean air and the warm night. Music piercing through the streets grabbed my attention. We walked around trying to find where it was coming from. We eventually came upon a young man wearing sweatpants, a hat, and a tank top and performing with a violin, a phone, and a speaker.

The music exuding from this violin was breathtaking. It was fast, engaging, current, and mesmerizing. I could feel the vibrations in my body. It was an experience I’ll never forget because of how utterly wondrous the music was.

My partner and I talked about how we wanted to talk to the performer. We wanted to know his story. We wanted to know where this passion he played with came from. We wanted to know why he was playing his violin on the streets of Santa Monica and not on a concert hall stage that required $200 tickets for admittance. I would pay that much or more to experience his talent again.

People stopped and listened for a minute. There was a drunk man dancing around the performer. Cars honked as they passed by. I barely noticed it all. We stood there for around half an hour just experiencing this hidden gift on the street in Santa Monica. It was a date night I’ll never forget.

Did you try out this date? How did it go? Do you have any tips for our readers? Leave a comment below to share your experience! And sign-up for our newsletter to receive advice straight in your inbox.

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